Communication Technology in SMEs

25 Feb

In this age of globalization and information technology, it is a must for businesses, small and medium enterprises (SMEs) in particular, to cope with the new trends in business. These trends include the new communication technologies being used and can be used in business. In the first place, communication can build a strong and good relationship among the members of an organization, whether it be business or non-business. In view of this the use of an effective communication technology may be able to bind and reinforce this organizational relationship which could spur positive changes and development. One positive role of communication technology is that it can provide means and opportunities for people to improve their crafts and skills, thus paving the way for innovation, creativeness, and competitiveness.

Mutual interaction is one of the positive effects of communication technology. In a business setting like an SME, communication technology plays an integral role in spurring or creating mutual interaction. However, it is important for business leaders to determine what do they want to do with the new communication technology, what they can they do with it, and what changes can it bring to the business organization. Without this context or principle in mind, then the purpose of such technology will just be futile and as a result, the business organization will not be able to realise its purpose. There are processes with respect to the significance or role of communication technology like VOIP and IM in a business setting. These are the adoption, implementation, use, and effects of said communication technology.

In applying this concept, the first thing to do when an SME is planning to infuse communication technology into its business operations is adoption. However, this does not entail adoption per se as there are requisites to be done before executing or performing the same. This might include planning or conducting a feasibility study, whether simple or complex, as to the role of such communication technology to the business. Implementation occurs when people in a business organization have already completed the first process. In this case, questions like the following may be considered: where to incorporate or infuse such communication technology (e.g. departments, offices, units, etc.), who will use it, how it will be used, and why it will be used. The significance of considering these issues is to make sure the effects and usage of such communication technology will be maximise, achieved and fulfilled.


2 Responses to “Communication Technology in SMEs”

  1. Ruby Tan March 2, 2011 at 10:47 am #

    Nice post, Mutya. You’re really into tech haha… I love your posts. Thanks for sharing them.

    • KIKAY TIPS April 25, 2011 at 10:48 am #

      Ruby, thanks for the comment. Miss you na, mare haha.

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