IT and its Impact on Business

28 Dec

In VoIP and IM application, users can interact through voice, video, and data during the multimedia conferences. Below are its benefits to the SMEs.


VoIP technology is now widespread and part of a shared competitive landscape with service providers and SMEs working together to increase their market bases. The following are the other benefits of VoIP (Prasad et al., 2003):

  • Scalability. Under heavy loads, conferencing is uninterrupted.
  • Ease of use. Conferencing is simple.
  • Standardisation. The solution conforms in establishing standards of peer acceptance.
  • Interactivity. Face-to-face conferencing application is as if a real conferencing.

VoIP services are driving another network convergence like the integration of wireless and wireline networks in SMEs. These networks may have the same IP core resources, thus reduce the costs of providing common services to customers with different access tools.


IM has invaded the business settings from online socialising that needs to provide robust platforms with the interfaces that business customers use to integrate with the other work applications. The following are the IMs benefits to the SMEs:

  • Coordinating impromptu social meetings.
  • Coordination and scheduling work tasks.
  • Quick questions and clarifications.
  • Keeping in touch with friends and family.

Perceptions in the use of IM for the above purposes in the SMEs sanctioned its official use at work. Noticed that IM may be use for non-business chatting with friends and family for users feel the less serious business tool from email. For IM supports a broad range of uses in complex work tasks (Tran et al., 2005).

The Internet have provided as a means in exchanging of ideas and of opinions through the transmission of data and exchanging of information. Long distance communication network is been witnessing in the revolution of communication technology that Internet has been ushering in SMEs. It was started by the telegraph, until it has grown to telephone, the radio, the television, and nowadays, the VoIP and IM. The Internet has been improving in the SMEs internal and external communications that is integrating in one network. Telecommunications have brought in lighting of the concepts of face-to-face co-worker interaction. The following are the suggestive integration of one network of data and voice:

  • Virtual meeting. It can be setup in the workspace and their discuss ideas.
  • Internet broadcast. This is emerging in the business sector for it is cost-effective.
  • Information sharing. SMEs advantage of this lower-priced management for files unlimited storage.

The competitiveness of the business world continues to grow with the help of IT in bringing among of the distant workers easier than ever (Adams, 1986). Internet has always been hailed as the SMEs tool to compete against much larger rivals. Indeed, no turning back to the era of IT.

The PSTN has gone long to VoIP in serving the business needs and the customers of SMEs. Those SMEs adopting VoIP have established providers in exploiting to market like for long distance calls where conventional call is expensive and highly profitable. Aside from its cost, the additional features and services is easy to add without the major changes, due to flexible protocol support that SMEs use for connecting with clients compare to PSTN. SMEs interact with each other through calls in which they would exchange in both audio and video information. VoIP has addressed the issues on security on transmitting of messages before it became as universal tool of communication in businesses. But these issues would make it evident that VoIP would be integrating with and work in parallel with the conventional PSTN. As VoIP gains as an effective tool, services and cost effectiveness determines its adoption and evolution.

Clearly, VoIP has exciting services offered in full multimedia on IP in SMEs.  When VoIP became the effective tool to communicate with clients in early 1990s, SMEs have influenced the adoption of VoIP technology in the business.


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