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IT and its Impact on Business

28 Dec

In VoIP and IM application, users can interact through voice, video, and data during the multimedia conferences. Below are its benefits to the SMEs.


VoIP technology is now widespread and part of a shared competitive landscape with service providers and SMEs working together to increase their market bases. The following are the other benefits of VoIP (Prasad et al., 2003):

  • Scalability. Under heavy loads, conferencing is uninterrupted.
  • Ease of use. Conferencing is simple.
  • Standardisation. The solution conforms in establishing standards of peer acceptance.
  • Interactivity. Face-to-face conferencing application is as if a real conferencing.

VoIP services are driving another network convergence like the integration of wireless and wireline networks in SMEs. These networks may have the same IP core resources, thus reduce the costs of providing common services to Continue reading