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Information Technology and Business Operations

2 Nov

SMEs that have succeeded on the Internet have invariably managed IT resources effectively. IT and business are now virtually inseparable that is difficult to imagine without it as it is SMEs foundation for success (Ang and Slaughter, 2004). In fact, companies that lack of IT systems are exposing to risk of failing in the business sector. In establishing of a good rapport with the customers improves all forms of customer interactions that includes services and support through this emerging IT in the business. IT, indeed have changed the rules of competition in the industry (Cooper and Zmud, 1990). Microsoft and Intel are examples for this growth that IBM has provided.

IT rapid changing offers potential benefits to the SMEs. ITs failure is business failure, too. It is no longer just an IT issue but is a business management issue of great interest to the organisational structure. For IT provides fast online transaction and convenient customer service to the customers.

The IT integration in the SMEs had not become easy for the competencies of the workforce that became the dimension of IT management (Carlson, 2000). Later on, successful IT integration in the SMEs has built solid process in interfacing with the customers. IT has improved the customer interaction in translating the customers’ requests into solutions and accessing customer satisfaction. Today, SMEs has recognised the value of leveraging a continuous use of technology across the entire industry. As the continuous growth of VoIP and IM are the decreasing costs and increasing revenues for IP networks are relatively inexpensive (Chesher and Skok, 2000). IT in SMEs, clearly, has caused significant change in the way voice communication services are delivered  Continue reading