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Technology and Business Communication

2 Mar

Communication is one of the most important aspects in business. For every type of corporate vehicle, whether it be sole proprietorship, partnership, or small and medium business enterprise, the businessman or the organizational leaders must put a premium on the area of communication. This is because the aspect of communication is indispensable to crucial business transactions, corporate activities, and operations, such as intra-corporate communications between the management and employees, and such activities as dealings with customers, workflow management, decision-making and planning, and organizational change, among many others. For a start-up business, Small and Medium Enterprises in particular, its organizational leaders must find ways to infuse the proper communication infrastructure which must be in accord with the company’s respective goals, line of business, number of employees, etc.

In this age of Information Technology, SMEs must find some ways to take advantage of the available new media and communication technologies accessible in the market. Two of the many communication technologies that could help SMEs are Voice-Over Internet Protocol (VoIP) and Instance Messaging (IM). Some of the many good features of these types of new media technologies are the following: they are easy to use, cheap, and highly Continue reading